Thomas Frank has addressed the media ahead of Brentford’s vital match against Cardiff City on Tuesday night.

Brentford are currently eight points behind Watford who sit in second place but can cut that gap to five with a win.

The Brentford boss has said his side understand what they need to do and will do everything they can to win this match.

“We know Cardiff City are a good side; they bring big physicality, they are by far the best in the league at set-pieces, and are very difficult to break down.

“Cardiff may not have much to play for mathematically even though I think seventh is better than eighth and eighth is better than ninth. We know it is going to be an unbelievable battle where we need to match them physically and be very good on the ball,” Frank said.

When it comes to the top-two race, Frank believes Watford won’t win all four of their remaining fixtures because of tough opponents.

“It will come down to the last round most likely. We need to do our job. I am aware of the games that Watford have got left but it is all about how can I prepare the team like we did on the training pitch today and how can we maximise the performance to get the win we want on Tuesday night.

“We have seen it change after each round that one team is on an unbelievable run and then another one is so it goes up and down. I am pretty sure that Watford are not going to win their next four games; if they do I will just clap my hands.

“We know what we need to do which is win the next game,” he added.

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