Nigel Pearson did not shy away from criticism after his side allowed Luton Town to comeback from a two-goal deficit.

In terms of league position and outcomes from the season, the match meant very little.

But Pearson is getting used to what these players are like in preparation for what he hopes will be a much improved year from the new season in August.

“It looked like a performance from players who can’t wait for the end of the season. So in the first half, yes we did okay, scored two goals,” Pearson said.

“Forget tactics. Tactics have nothing to do with anything today. What we saw today was a very fragile mentality. That’s what we have.

“It’s difficult, I hope our younger players aren’t damaged by playing in a situation where they are exposed to these types of experiences. We are relying too heavily on young players, but we have to.”

With just two fixtures to go until the end of a tedious season, Pearson has said he will have ‘big selection issues’ to ponder over.

“Some big selection issues to think about over the next two games, because they’re both very tough, Millwall and Brentford.

“No game is a pushover for us at the moment, we go 2-0 up and can’t even see it through, and we can’t because we are hoping that things happen rather than be proactive on the pitch.

“You have players playing with whatever demons they have in their own heads. Some have clearly got a few, they’re not managing that situation particularly well.

“It is what it is. I look at it in the cold light of day for what it is. We are a club that needs change.”

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