Tony Mowbray expects ‘big changes’ in personnel over the summer after Blackburn Rovers slipped to defeat against Sheffield Wednesday.

The Rovers boss vowed to continue working hard on improving his current group of players after a deflected effort from Josh Windass set Wednesday on their way to a crucial win in their fight for survival.

It was Blackburn’s 19th defeat of the campaign, and they haven’t suffered that many losses in a single season since relegation in 2016/17.

And with Rovers crawling their way to the finish line, the prospect of a pivotal summer is already firmly on the mind of Mowbray with only three games left.

“Keep working hard, keep working in training and keep the strikers doing the extra work that they’ve generally been going out to do,” said the Rovers boss.

“Keep working with the providers, the attacking midfield players and the full-backs that get into high positions and pick the right pass.

“Just to keep working with the team, that’s all you can do. It’s going to be a summer of pretty big change I think with all the loan players and the players that are out of contract.

“There will be some change. We’ll see how good recruitment is, that’s important. If you can bring the right quality in things will improve.

“The better footballers you have, the more right options people will pick. The right options will more often than not help the team score more goals, so we shall see.

“But we also have a lot of young players that have a lot of improvement still to come.”

Mowbray described Rovers’ performance as ‘jaded’ after defeat at Hillsborough on Tuesday night, with the Rovers boss feeling his side lacked in sharpness.

“I thought we were a yard off it, for whatever reason, we still created one or two chances, but it’s the same story,” Mowbray said. “A 1-0 defeat, we seem to give the opposition a goal when we’re pretty comfortable in the game and then it gives them something to hang on to, particularly in their predicament, which is what they managed to do.

“We fell a bit short. We haven’t scored a goal, I think that’s been the story for a lot of games.”

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