Liam Moore, the captain of Reading, has deactivated his Twitter account after he suffered horrendous racial abuse on Twitter.

A poll was tweeted from a now deleted account called ‘Veljko Paunovic talks Reading FC’. The account posted a poll with the question: “Should a n***** be captain of Reading FC?”

Moore saw the post on Twitter and quote-retweeted it saying: “2021 and I’m not f***ing surprised in the slightest. Twitter you’re as much to blame for making it so easy to abuse people.”

The captain then continued in a different tweet and said: “I have enjoyed engaging with many of you on here over the years but tonight was just another example of Twitter being toxic.

“You have to stand for something and for that reason I am deactivating my account. Thanks for your support,” he added.

This comes after plenty of players have been subject to racial abuse online recently. Back in March, Thierry Henry deactivated all of his social media accounts after he labelled the abuse “too toxic to ignore”.

A spokesperson for Twitter said: “Alongside our partners in football, we condemn racism in all its forms.

“Racist behaviour, abuse and harassment have absolutely no place on our service. At Twitter, protecting the health of the public conversation is essential to us, and this means making sure Twitter is a safe place to express yourself and follow the conversation about football, without fear of abuse or intimidation.”

The Supporters Trust at Reading FC (STAR) has also issued the following statement: “The Trust would like to send its full support to Liam, his family, and to any action taken when dealing with this vile incident.

“It is encouraging to see the real fans of this football club also condemning this abhorrent incident and sending their support to Liam.

“Any hate crime has no place at this club, in its fan base, or in the game as a whole, it is totally unacceptable and has to stop.”

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