Last night, Birmingham City allowed Nottingham Forest to snatch a point right at the death courtesy of a Lewis Grabban penalty.

The Blues boss, Lee Bowyer, was livid after the full-time whistle and said ‘it’s wrong’ that it was awarded.

“It’s wrong, it’s never been a penalty, I have looked at it back, he is there, they are coming together yes, but that happens when you have got one player running one way, another player running another way.”

“He can’t get out of the way of the player, the fella heads it and because he is running his momentum takes him into Jutkiewicz. Jutkiewicz even turns away from the fella, he’s not made a foul. The fella’s momentum has taken him into Jutkiewicz because he was running forward to make the header.

“He tried to put all the power into the header and he has gone into Jutkiewicz. It is never, ever, ever a penalty – never.”

Bowyer continued his rant and said that these types of decisions happen far too frequently and that he thinks the referee made a ‘guess’ at the death of the match.

“This happens too many times, too many times in this division officials get it wrong and nothing happens. They guess and they get away with it.

“I will ring up Alan Wiley again and ask him about this decision and I guarantee you one hundred per cent he will send me a letter in about three days’ time apologising for that decision. One hundred per cent he will because it’s wrong.

“In the 96th minute you are making a decision like that, you are messing about with people’s lives. This is what winds me up the most about all of this, they are playing with people’s lives. This is our lives.

“And that’s what’s happened, he has guessed. ‘Oh that must be a foul because they have come together’. No, it’s not. All night long, soft decision, soft decision, soft decision. It’s wrong. The players are gutted in there, I am gutted and it shouldn’t be that way,” Bowyer said passionately.

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