Queens Park Rangers goalkeeper, Seny Dieng, has been warned by Emile Heskey about making his transfer decision too soon.

This comes after rumours are heating up that Dieng is wanted some Premier League clubs such as Leeds United and West Ham United.

The goalkeeper has been QPR’s number one this season and has excelled. But, according to The Sun, a move in the summer could be on the cards.

But Heskey doesn’t think sitting on the bench could be beneficial to Dieng’s progress as a young player.

In an exclusive interview with HITC, the former Liverpool striker said: “Do you back yourself as a player? Or do you stay where you are until you know that you’re in a position to demand (a starting place)?”

“If you wait and wait and wait and wait (on the bench at a big club), you end up missing six months to a year where you could have been playing.

“When you’re talking goalkeepers, (Dieng) is fairly young. And when you’ve been a regular all this time, why would you give up that to be at a bigger club, or be on more money? Play the games, get the love of it, get more experience, and then you can probably pick and choose which club you go to then.

“When you’re on the coaching staff, you know what your players are all about. If you’re looking at him in training and he’s still showing the signs that he’s at the top of his game… and goalkeepers are totally different because they can play until they’re 42!” Heskey adds.

“As long as Fabianski is showing that desire to really work hard in training, if he’s mentally switched-on and still sharp, I don’t see why he can’t still be number one.”

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