Nottingham Forest were left stunned as they suffered a 2-0 loss against Huddersfield Town on Saturday afternoon.

Forest boss, Chris Hughton, has said his side needed to ‘show more’ and that the result ‘sumps up the season’.

Hughton said: “It was a hard day and we are really disappointed, particularly after our last home performance. I was hoping that we could replicate that and in the first 20 minutes I thought we did, we had a lot of the ball and we dominated. There were three good chances in that period and probably the result sums up a little bit of how we have been.

“We needed to show more, having gone behind, to get back into the game and it wasn’t our day today, we didn’t show enough.”

Hughton did express his praise for the visitors: “You look at a Huddersfield team who fought hard and at 2-0 up, it was a good position for them to be in.

“We were chasing and when you are chasing, we got the ball into the final third a lot and got a lot of crosses in, but it is about goals and if you don’t get goals in that period it strengthens the feeling that Huddersfield have in the game.”

The defeat handed Forest their first loss in five games and are not yet mathematically safe from relegation.

“It probably sums up the overall season and not recent form as we have been in decent form. If we haven’t been scoring lots of goals then we haven’t been conceding and that is what has got us points and won us games.

“What the players are aware of is that it is not acceptable to finish the season on a low, that is what we have spoken about in the last few games. We are still in a position where mathematically we are not safe. The players are aware of that and we have to make sure that there is a reaction on Wednesday night at Birmingham,” Hughton added.

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