Chris Hughton speaking with the press after the game at Brentford

Nottingham Forest chairman Nicholas Randall QC has alluded to a change in transfer strategy at the City Ground.  

Forest’s transfer dealings since Evangelos Marinakas purchased the club four years ago have been poor. Shortly after the Greek media mogul’s arrival, the club became a revolving door and transfer business has subsequently come under heavy criticism.

Previously, François Modesto (technical director) and Kyriakos Dourekas (director of football) have played a hands-on role when it comes to signing new players.

Modesto and Dourekas bring with them a wealth of knowledge from continental Europe and will continue to play an active role in any new acquisitions. However, Randall has explained the importance of having a joined-up approach, whereby Modesto and Dourekas play a part, but Hughton has the final say.

In a recent interview with Supporters’ Trust, Randall said: “Chris has brought a couple of people in himself. We have Francois (Modesto) as well, who has that Olympiacos knowledge which gives us a domestic and a European, and a global, scope to bring the right players in.

“We will not move away from the model in which the manager has the final say.

“I appreciate some people feel uncomfortable with that. There are valid arguments either way.

“The full-blooded continental model certainly has some advantages to it. And it has some disadvantages to it.

“In between, it’s up to those people that we employ – we trust them, they tell us they have learnt the lessons.  We have Chris’ team in now, with their knowledge as well.

“We will let them do their jobs, and we believe we have as good a chance as anyone of making it work.

“They key is, you have to have the right people in the right jobs, who you can trust to make the right decisions,” Randall added.

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