The EFL has been hit the hardest by the ongoing pandemic and Trevor Birch believes a Covid passport could help clubs financially and see fans return.

In an interview with the BBC, Birch said: “If it is the only way of releasing fans to attend games, I think probably, it has to be embraced because without Covid certification, we may not be able to get full fans back in stadiums which will have a dramatic financial effect on the clubs.

“It is not ideal for everybody but at least it is giving some kind of greater liberty to a greater number of people.”

Questions have been raised about ticket prices and how the safety of fans will be handled.

Birch said: “All those questions are being considered and hopefully will be answered in very short order.

“This situation cannot go on forever,” he added.

The financial effects of having no fans in stadiums is huge. Some clubs were fortunate enough to have fans in for a limited amount of time, however, the money brought in was a fraction of what was usually made in ticket revenue. 

“We are probably at that stage where we will be – I am not going to say desperate – but in a situation where we need to get fans back through the doors for clubs to be able to balance their books.

“I would ask the authorities to place faith in the fact we are experts in delivering large-scale events and trust us to deliver whatever procedures are put in place to protect the public by way of Covid certifications to allow us to get back to full stadiums.

“I have every confidence in the ability of our 72 clubs to delivering a safe environment for supporters to return,” Birch said.

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